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Cruzer Aluminum Trolley

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This new aluminum alloy beauty trolley adds a touch of modern and professional style to your beauty salon. We know that in the beauty industry, efficiency is as important as elegance, which is where this aluminum trolley comes in play to complement your services. The plate of the trolley is strong and large enough to hold large professional beauty equipment. It is designed with plenty of room to showcase equipment, with four convenient rolling wheels for pushing the trolling. 

The design of the trolley is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. The simple yet elegant appearance, together with the metal texture, makes the cart a beautiful sight in your beauty salon. Moreover, the wheel axle design makes the cart more flexible when moving, so even in a busy working environment, it can be easily handled.

This trolley is made of aluminum alloy, which is light but strong, making the it more stable and reliable in use, as well as very convenient to move around. The multi-layer design provides you with ample storage space for all the grooming tools you need, keeping your workspace organized at all times. The exquisite partition design allows each tool to find a suitable position, reducing your search time and making the beauty process more smooth.

Let this beautiful aluminum alloy trolley become your right-hand man in the beauty salon, make your services more efficient, and let every customer feel your professionalism and dedication.


  • Four 360-degree rotating pulleys
  • Simple and personalized design
  • Chemical and stain resistant trays
  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Large double tray for additional storage


Material: Aluminum alloy

Load bearing: up to 110lbs- 132lbs

Trolley size:21" x 20" *28"

package size:23" x 22" 15"

Trolley weight:26 lbs

Gross weight:32 lbs